GAID Students Win Posterclash Competition

April 11, 2013

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Two of Tyler’s current GAID students have placed in the 4th annual juried Posterclash competition.

16 poster designs made it into the public vote. On March 29, the winners were chosen.

Sophomore Korina Dabundo won 1st place in the competition, her prize includes an HP Photosmart Estation Printer, one 12 month subscription to Creative Cloud, a Dick Blick gift certificate, and a trophy.

“It was actually a required assignment for my Graphic Design class with Paul Sheriff. I think it was mandatory for another class too, so there ended up being a lot of Tyler posters in the finals,” Dabundo said.

For her design, Dabundo drew inspiration from other artists.

“I had been looking at a lot of Saul Bass’s and Luba Lukova’s posters, which I think probably shows through a lot. I tried to go for the same sort of simple cut out look that they use on their posters, as well as Saul Bass’ hand lettering,” Dabundo said.

Junior Lauren West placed 3rd in the contest, for her prize she also gets a Dick Blick gift certificate and a trophy. West also entered the contest as an assignment for Paul Sheriff’s class.

“AIGA chooses one topic for Posterclash and this year’s was ‘wisdom.’ For me, I see wisdom as something you obtain through experience or adventure (hence the ‘take your brain on an adventure everyday’ concept),” West said.

Having this opportunity as an assignment for their class has been very beneficial for both Dabundo and West.

“Apart from it being a way to potentially get your work out in the public eye, in our case it was useful as a design exercise as well since we got helpful crits in class along the way,” Dabundo said. “Plus they’re good to put on your resume!”

This semester, West has entered three contests already. Something that she normally would not do.

“When entering contests I always do more than asked. That way, you can hope that at least one of your many concepts gets accepted,” West said. “But also, try and enter as many contests as you can. They’re fun, and it builds your portfolio, and heck, if you win you get PRIZES, and everyone likes prizes.”

Tyler School of Art Parents Council

June 13, 2011

Starting this Fall, we are establishing a new Parents Council for the Tyler School of Art.  The goal will be to provide a community of parents to act as a resource in support of recruiting, fundraising, and networking with outside organizations.

The Parents Council will actively collaborate with Tyler’s Administration and Faculty to help foster the broader school’s mission. Examples of the potential activities the Parents Council could get involved with include:

  • Participate in recruiting events as an advocate for Tyler
  • Be a local resource for prospective students
  • Establish additional scholarships and grants
  • Engage outside speakers from corporations and the art world
  • Develop connections between Tyler and organizations as potential sources of internships and job opportunities
  • Bring new ideas to the Administration and Faculty to further enrich individual departments, the Tyler Art school and the Temple community

If you are a parent of an incoming student, current student or recent graduate, and would like to participate in some capacity or learn more,  please either . . .

Sign up on Facebook under the group Tyler School of Art Parents Council


E-mail us at:  

More information will be sent out on activities and events as we get closer to the Fall.  We welcome everyone’s input and participation!!!

–Tyler School of Art Parents Council

Dean Announces Student Grant Program

December 3, 2010

Robert Stroker, Tyler’s Interim Dean, announces a new opportunity for Tyler students, the Dean’s grants for Tyler students program.  This program is open to all current students at Tyler School of Art.  Award amounts will range from $500-$1,000.

Grants may be used to defray scholarly or creative costs associated with (but not limited to):

  • Travel to create/install an exhibition or performance or scholarly paper, or to collect data for research
  • Registration for conferences
  • Equipment and materials; data analysis or research consultants
  • Technical personnel (for example, to help with technology for an installation or to document an exhibition)

Criteria for applicants:

  • The applicant must be a current student at Tyler.
  • The student must complete the proposed project before they graduate.
  • The grant is not to be applied toward tuition, housing costs, or other expenses normally incurred in the pursuit of a degree.
  • The grant may not be used to complete a course requirement (e.g. a final paper thesis exhibition, senior project or thesis project).
  • The grant is intended to provide an opportunity for a special project that would not be possible without these funds.
  • Grants may not be used to pay stipends to other full-time Temple employees, full-time Teaching Assistants, Academic Interns, or non-College collaborators.

The term project should be thought of flexibly, including (but not limited to):

  • initiating new scholarly or creative work
  • initiating a well-defined component of a larger scholarly/creative work
  • defining a portion of a project already underway that requires support for completion
  • extending or expanding previously completed work

Projects may be individual or collaborative in nature. Working collaboratively requires letters of commitment from collaborators at time of proposal submission.

All Applications will receive feedback; students will be told their application is not well written or does not present their idea clearly so that they can apply again in future rounds.  It is designed to not only fund student projects but to also give students experience in presenting themselves professionally.

More information and the application is here.  The first deadline for applying is February 18, 2011.

“Percent For Art” Competition: Pleasant Playground

October 21, 2010

Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy’s Public Art Program announces a competition to commission artwork for the interior of a new recreation building to be located at Pleasant Playground in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.

This competition is open to artists and artist teams who reside in the following states: Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. The budget is $10,000.

This is a call for qualifications. Artists should include: 6 images (previous work), a resume and a statement.  There is a design stipend for selected semi-finalists to create proposals.

The application deadline is November 30, 2010. To apply visit:

Bringing the River to the City

October 12, 2010

Richard Torchia in partnership with Greenhouse Media, provider of multimedia services to the art and culture sector, has just been selected to prepare a signature public art installation for Philadelphia by late spring/early summer 2011.  The installation will be an essential element of the new Race Street Connector, an urban design project that will link the cultural center of Old City to the new Race Street Pier.  Running along the southern side of the Ben Franklin Bridge, the formerly derelict Pier 11 is currently being redesigned to hold  “The Slice,” an inviting green space and public park designed by James Corner Field Operations, architects of the High Line Park in New York.  Along with these plans for a welcome draw on the pier came the need to usher the public through what is perceived as a desolate and unsafe route under several dark, cramped, and noisy I-95 overpasses.  All but blocking access to the water, this easternmost stretch of Race St. contributes to the lack of awareness of Philadelphia as a “river town,” despite the Delaware being only a few minutes walk from the Old City community.

A solution to this detachment is what Torchia and Greenhouse Media offer with their installation, an ambitious and out-of-the-ordinary public art project comprised of a series of 60-foot LED screens mounted on the west-facing sides of the I-95 overpasses.  On these screens, live-feed images of the river’s surface captured by cameras on the pier will run 24-7. Translating the water’s reflective surface into abstracted forms that constantly shift and evolve according to weather, light conditions, boating patterns, and even the whims of the river wildlife, the installation works with – rather than attempts to mask – the sounds of the busy interstate, offering a multi-sensory experience of the river’s activity.   It was a pleasure for me to serve as juror in the selection process for a project that prioritizes both the unique properties of the site and the goals of the greater urban design project – where the Connector brings the city to the river, Torchia and Greenhouse Media reciprocate by bringing the river to the city.

Tyler artists (both students and faculty) interested in joining the City’s Artist Registry to be considered for public art projects like these can apply through Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy.

Summer Lithography Course still open

May 3, 2010

Paul Downey Mural Event February 17

February 16, 2010

New Program- Summer Painting Intensive

December 23, 2009

The Tyler School of Art Summer Painting Intensive is a 6-week immersion program for artists interested in developing their work in a challenging and supportive environment. The SPI is a non-credit, post-baccalaureate-style residency program suitable for BA and BFA seniors and recent graduates aiming to hone their artistic and intellectual skills, for students building a portfolio for application to graduate school, as well as professional artists seeking to strengthen their abilities and expand their outlook. Read more: