Jordan Baseman’s Work in Sculpture Leads to Appointment at the Royal College of Art


Jordan Baseman (BFA ’83) decided to attended Tyler because of its welcoming atmosphere and great reputation. As a student, he was very interested in working with jewelry and metals to make sculptures.

“When I went to Tyler, I really felt like an artist,” Baseman said. “My mind was opened to many ways of thinking and working and I experienced many ideas that I would never have otherwise encountered. This helped me to ask questions and to become critical and more conceptual as an artist. I made some great friends, too.”

After graduating from Tyler, Baseman traveled to London to pursue his Master’s Degree at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time, and Goldsmiths is a very challenging environment – I learned a lot. And London is a fantastic city, an amazing place to live,” Baseman said.

Since then, Baseman has held multiple residencies and has been commissioned for many projects in collaboration with public institutions. His work in both sculpture and film have also been exhibited and screened in galleries and at film festivals in Australia, the United States, Austria, Germany, Japan, Portugal, France, and Italy.

“I have been fortunate to be invited [to display work in so many countries] and I have also been lucky to travel to many places,” Baseman said. “It seems natural to me as an artist to want to present my work in many different places and situations.”

This passion for sculpture and art eventually lead Baseman to be appointed as Head of Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London. After being approached by a recruiter, Baseman applied for the position.

“I wrote an application and a statement outlining my beliefs and ideas. I then went on a series of interviews. Three in all. And then they appointed me. It took a while,” Baseman said.

As Head of Sculpture, Baseman looks forward to what he can do to challenge the students.

“I am a filmmaker and [I] also make installations, so I am looking forward to challenging the idea of what sculpture can be while still retaining appreciation for the history of the subject,” Baseman said.

Baseman will officially fill his new position in late November.

To view Jordan Baseman’s films, visit and

To learn more about Baseman’s career and his new position, visit

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