Two GAID Students Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

A spread from a Rome guide book that Emily Colburn designed and illustrated.

A spread from a Rome guide book that Emily Colburn designed and illustrated.

Two GAID graduating MFA students, Emily Colburn and Lydia Nichols, have been awarded a prestigious fellowship from Chronicle Books in San Francisco.

“I applied for this fellowship because working for Chronicle Books would be a dream of mine,” Colburn said. “They create beautiful, contemporary and playful books/products.”

Nichols will be their Children’s Design Fellow, while Colburn will be their Marketing Design Fellow. At first, Colburn applied to be in the Food & Drink department because of her love for food.

“They saw my application and recommended me for the Marketing position, which I’m thrilled about!” Colburn said.

There were only five total fellow positions available this year, so they had to be very competitive.

“I had to submit a printed profile, a statement and a resume,” Colburn said. “I created a book with all my recent graduate work.”

However, all of the work was worth it when she received the email awarding her the fellowship.

“I was overjoyed! I didn’t even finish reading the email before I called my mom, who proceeded to yell and cry,” Colburn said.

For the fellowship positions, both Nichols and Colburn will be traveling to San Francisco for 5 months.

“I’m most looking forward to working for a company I admire and to be surrounded by talented like-minded people,” Colburn said.

Colburn believes that the skills she has gained from being at Tyler have aided her in getting to where she is today.

“These past two years at Tyler have been extraordinary. I have grown vastly in my design abilities and aesthetics,” Colburn said. “Also through working with the other grads, undergrads, and professors, I feel that I have become a better communicator and collaborator.

This opportunity will most likely lead to job offers and book publishing opportunities for Nichols and Colburn.

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