GAID Students Win Posterclash Competition

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Two of Tyler’s current GAID students have placed in the 4th annual juried Posterclash competition.

16 poster designs made it into the public vote. On March 29, the winners were chosen.

Sophomore Korina Dabundo won 1st place in the competition, her prize includes an HP Photosmart Estation Printer, one 12 month subscription to Creative Cloud, a Dick Blick gift certificate, and a trophy.

“It was actually a required assignment for my Graphic Design class with Paul Sheriff. I think it was mandatory for another class too, so there ended up being a lot of Tyler posters in the finals,” Dabundo said.

For her design, Dabundo drew inspiration from other artists.

“I had been looking at a lot of Saul Bass’s and Luba Lukova’s posters, which I think probably shows through a lot. I tried to go for the same sort of simple cut out look that they use on their posters, as well as Saul Bass’ hand lettering,” Dabundo said.

Junior Lauren West placed 3rd in the contest, for her prize she also gets a Dick Blick gift certificate and a trophy. West also entered the contest as an assignment for Paul Sheriff’s class.

“AIGA chooses one topic for Posterclash and this year’s was ‘wisdom.’ For me, I see wisdom as something you obtain through experience or adventure (hence the ‘take your brain on an adventure everyday’ concept),” West said.

Having this opportunity as an assignment for their class has been very beneficial for both Dabundo and West.

“Apart from it being a way to potentially get your work out in the public eye, in our case it was useful as a design exercise as well since we got helpful crits in class along the way,” Dabundo said. “Plus they’re good to put on your resume!”

This semester, West has entered three contests already. Something that she normally would not do.

“When entering contests I always do more than asked. That way, you can hope that at least one of your many concepts gets accepted,” West said. “But also, try and enter as many contests as you can. They’re fun, and it builds your portfolio, and heck, if you win you get PRIZES, and everyone likes prizes.”

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