Winners For Creative Quarterly’s 31st Issue Announced

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For each issue of Creative Quarterly, the journal holds an open call for entries of art that may be chosen to appear in their issue. For the 31st issue, both current Tyler students and graduates have received the honor of appearing in the journal.

Winners included GAID Associate Professor Dermot MacCormack, GAID alumni Ronald J. Cala II, Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel, and Vlad Alvarez, as well as current GAID students Sarah Surrette, Sarah Karowski, Kelsey Jankauskas, Grace Duong, and Dana Mulranen.

“I submitted an entry to Creative Quarterly because compared to the other design competitions out there, this one is inexpensive and a great chance to get your work published, either online or in print,” Surrette said. “Creative Quarterly always does a good job of selecting great work, so I am always eager to submit my projects to their competitions.”

Surrette created a stationary set and an event poster for Bikes Across Borders, an organization that aims to bring the communities of Texas and Mexico together through the use of the bicycle.

For her submission, Mulranen entered a poster she designed for PETA.

“[My poster] brought to light the harsh realities of horse racing to the public eye. I was inspired by the severity of this problem to create a dramatic and striking poster to grab the viewer’s attention, draw them in, and react to this terrible issue,” Mulranen said.

The winners will be featured in Creative Quarterly’s issue, coming out this spring, and online once the issue is out.

“I think it is important for students to submit their work to a variety of publications because there is always a chance of receiving recognition by industry leaders,” Surrette said. “Many of the opportunities I have had in graphic design arose from people seeing my work, whether it be in exhibitions, online galleries, or competitions like Creative Quarterly.”

GAID Senior Jankauskas, who was inspired by her passion for the outdoors and being active when creating her app, agrees that it is important for students to submit their work to be judged by professionals.

“I think it’s a great way for students to start getting their name and work out in the design world,” Jankauskas said.

The next deadline for entries is April 26th. The cost for entry is $10 and is open to all art directors, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and fine artists in all countries. However, there are separate categories for professional and student entries.

For more about Creative Quarterly, visit

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