“Dreams of Becoming” Enters Tyler’s Green Hallway


“Dreams of Becoming” (Hallway), an installation by Molly Einhorn (MFA Fibers and Materials Studies), has been growing in Tyler’s green hallway since February 18.

To complete this project, Einhorn was awarded with a $200 Dean’s Grant; she used this money to purchase her materials.

After gutting a piece of 25 lb poly-fil, Einhorn has stretched and draped the fabric in the hallway to create a series of pieces that continued to grow over time.

The first finished piece was the “caterpillar,” which hugged the first pillar of the green hallway. It then transformed into Einhorn’s original concept. “A material that is trying but failing to blend into preexisting architecture, much like an oversized fungus trying to find a home in a difficult climate.”

“My concept has been developing slowly over time, coming from an interest in perception. When we both look at a table, are we really seeing the same thing? By printing the surface of the fabric with my ‘impressions’ of the environment I’m doing what we all do every day, ‘reading’ and interpreting my environment in a specific way,” Einhorn said. “I am interested in Buddhist philosophy, specifically how our perceptions are often faulty because rarely do we know the whole story, from all angles. To me, the objects hanging off the window have a ‘false perception’ of how to blend in with their environment.”

Most of the fabric used was hand-dyed and included silkscreened hand drawn images that reflected, rather than mimicked, the surround architecture. By using a transparent fabric, Einhorn created depth while also allowing the piece to transform in different lighting.

“I chose these materials because I appreciate the soft and welcoming quality of fabric. I also appreciate the transparency of the silk and the way the fabric reacts to the light coming through the window throughout the day. I was also hoping to reference the lightweight and impermanent sense that often accompanies a dream,” Einhorn said.
Einhorn will begin deconstruction of the piece on March 8.
For more about “Dreams of Becoming” (Hallway) and Einhorn’s other work, visit http://mollyeinhorn.wordpress.com/dreams-of-becoming-hallway/

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