Spam Carving Contest Brings Fat Tuesday to Tyler


Janice Marin stands next to her first prize creation for the Spam Carving Contest “C’est ne pas une SPAM.”

In celebration of Fat Tuesday, Tyler held a Spam Carving Contest open to all Temple students.

The six students who signed up for the contest were given two cans of Spam, toothpicks, a plastic knife and a spoon to use in their sculpting. The contestants had thirty minutes to come up with their best ideas to present to the judges.

Contestants were then judged on their concept, title, puns, and artistic merit.  Tyler Admissions staff Nicole Hall and Grace Ahn, along with Art Librarian Jill Luedke, judged the competition.

First place went to Janice Marin, who entitled her piece “C’est ne pas une SPAM.” Second place went to Molly Einhorn for her creation “Spunky Spam Monkey,” and third place went to Alexis Kandra for “Funny Bunny, Spam Version.”

Other participants included Mihir Patel who presented his piece “Spamera Porn,” Nicole Beek with “Alien Meat,” and Katie Driggs who modeled her sculpture after the “Column of Augustus” with tourists.

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