Tyler Professor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Keith Morrison, a professor of Painting at Tyler, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award as an art educator from the Brandywine Workshop at their 40th Anniversary Year Celebration.

“I am honored to be receiving the award, especially considering the great artists who have received the award previously. Never imagined my name being mentioned in the same breath as some of them,” Morrison said.

As both an artist and an educator, the award acknowledges Morrison’s impact on the art community.

“It means that my national peers respect the body of work I have done as painter, printmaker, educator, curator, critic and arts administrator, over a long time,” Morrison said. “I guess folks feel some of my work has been good enough for this kind of award.”

Morrison has taught at many art schools throughout the United States and abroad, however he believes that the students at Tyler are “among the very best.”

“It is a privilege to teach them,” Morrison said. “What is also very rewarding about teaching at Tyler is that the students, although as talented as those anywhere, are also modest and unassuming. This is a wonderful thing for an art teacher to experience. It inspires me to give my all to Tyler students every day.”

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