Emily Loughead Accepted Into Teach For America

Ceramics major Emily Loughead has been accepted into Teach for America, where she will work to provide education to children in low-income communities.

“I am extremely excited to be part of an organization with talented and passionate leaders, and can not wait to make an impact,” Loughead said.

To be accepted into Teach for America, Loughead went through a lengthy application process consisting of multiple interviews testing her skills and leadership abilities.

“We had to prepare and present a five minute lesson plan to about 15 other candidates and two interviewers,” Loughead said. “Then we participated in a group activity and finished with a one-on-one interview.”

As a part of the Tyler community, Loughead feels that the critiques she was given in her studio classes have benefited her greatly.

“The ability to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, take criticism and also give support to others is a valuable life asset both in and out of the classroom. I think that the professors and peers at Tyler have strengthened this ability and fostered a drive for learning, and educating,” Loughead said.

For Loughead, the desire to teach also comes from being in a family of educators.

“Seeing the difference that my mom and dad make in their students’ and parents’ lives has always inspired me to teach,” Loughead said. “I  am constantly inspired by excellent teachers who make a difference in children’s lives each day and I am driven to make a difference as well.”

For the program, Loughead will be traveling to South Dakota where she will live and teach on a reservation.

“Moving from Philadelphia to rural South Dakota will definitely be a big adjustment, but I am excited and ready for the change,” Loughead said.

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