The Land of Nod Features Danielle Kroll’s Designs


As a designer and illustrator, Danielle Kroll (BFA/GAID) has kept busy. Currently, Kroll is a featured designer on the home goods website The Land of Nod.

“I’m so excited to be featured among so many talented illustrators and designers,” Kroll said.

Kroll’s new line of bedding has recently been released for sale on the site.

“The Land of Nod approached me about turning some of my work on my website into quilts,” Kroll said. “The process was not much different than making a really large illustration. I’ve always been interested in patterns and textile design so this was really fun for me.”

In addition to The Land of Nod, Kroll has also designed and illustrated for Anthropologie, Gallison, Philadelphia Magazine, and Selvedge Magazine.  When coming up with designs, Kroll is inspired by her childhood.

“The ideas I get from thinking about my life as a kid are always the most unique and whimsical ones. I’m mostly trying to weed out all of the junk that’s been shoved into my head since,” Kroll said.

As a Tyler graduate, Kroll feels that her classes helped her grow as an illustrator.

“Although I didn’t really concentrate on illustration while in school I feel like I was learning about it without even realizing,” Kroll said. “The Graphic Design program encourages the students to make their own imagery as opposed to just using found photos. This really makes each project more personal. I like that I learned technical design skills, but still felt like an artist too.”

Danielle’s designs for The Land of Nod can be found at and to learn more about Danielle and her work visit

One Response to The Land of Nod Features Danielle Kroll’s Designs

  1. Jen says:

    Very nice designs, highly recommend!

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