Tyler Students Awarded Study Abroad Scholarships

Gabrielle Turgoose (BA Art History ’13) has been awarded the Temple Student Study Abroad Scholarship.

“I am overjoyed and so very thankful after receiving this award. I still feel very honored and extremely thankful,” Turgoose said. “When I first received my email saying that I had been awarded the scholarship, of course I gasped and jumped for joy.”

Turgoose will use the scholarship to study abroad in Rome next semester.

“When applying for Rome, I had to apply for scholarships and knew that Temple was a provider for certain awards,” Turgoose said. “This scholarship is helping me pay for my tuition and living expense, which all students need, and is providing an extra cushion to pay back loans.”

For the scholarship application, Turgoose had to write an essay about why she wanted to go to Rome and what her expectations were.

“Being an Art History major and travel enthusiast, I have always wanted to go to Rome. I am truly fascinated with the Italian culture and even more enthralled with its history in Art,” Turgoose said. “I hope to have a better understanding for art movements that were born in Rome and make connections with faculty. My hope is that by going to Rome, I will come back a cultured and well-rounded student. I just want to be a part of everything that Rome has to offer.”

Turgoose is not the only recipient of scholarships for the Spring semester. Also receiving scholarships are: [Rome] Katherine Kreischer, Chloe Weaver, Justin Porto, Bridget Kelley, Stacey Holder, Claudia Bokulich, Lily Summers, Rebecca Tripp, Maria Kristina Escala, Jeffrey Ivins, Ann Dinh, Melhissa Carmona, Camille Lapp, Kellianne Hamburg, Lauren Sharp, Candice Vanderhorst, [Japan] Samantha Ray, Kalie Mackey, Chamarra McCrorey, Jessica Ruggierio, Katherine Kalupson, Moe Rohan, Hannah Candelaria, Pavlina Vysochan, Maya Ferguson, James Thomas, Christian Conrad, Madeline Hussar, Chris Setty, [Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship] Saleem Barczynski, Maya Ferguson, Madeline Hussar, Moe Rohan, Lily Summers, James Thomas.

The reception for these awards will be held Friday, December 7 at 2 p.m.

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