BAX Space Grant Showcase Features Kim Brandt

Photo by Ian Douglas. Pictured: Kim Brandt and Jen Rosenblit performing in Brandt’s “Staircase Crop-Dust.”

From November 30 until December 1, the Space Grant Showcase will feature work created by residents of the Brooklyn Art Exchange, including Tyler alum Kim Brandt.

“During my time at BAX I’m creating a dance with Maggie Cloud, Caitlin Marz, Gillian Walsh and Emily Wexler. Emily and I have danced in each other’s work and together for other artists for the past seven years; Maggie and Gillian performed in other works I made earlier this year, and this is the first time Caitlin and I have worked together. We started the residency in September, and are currently deeply immersed in the process,” Brandt said.

As part of the Space Grant Program, Brandt was given free rehearsal space to perfect her technique.

“Having a space grant at BAX has been a gift. We have 85 hours of free rehearsal space in their studios this fall, and then there is a showing at the end of the residency. We experiment, we talk, I try a lot of things and then let them go, we have time to refine what’s interesting, and I don’t feel rushed. We’ve had time to get to know each other and work together in ways I have trouble articulating with words, but I will say it has been extremely special,” Brandt said.

For inspiration, Brandt looks for choreography in everything.

“In nature, in pedestrian movement, in moving objects, in paintings, in films, in dances,” Brandt said, “Organizing movement in time and space happens in front of me and with me. Sometimes I am the organizer, sometimes I am the organized. Often I’m unsure of my role and this is the most interesting place to be.”

Brandt received her MFA from Tyler in 2008.

“My time at Tyler was also a gift,” Brandt said, “I spent a lot of time experimenting there, and it completely opened up how I look, what I make and how I make. I received observations, feedback, and critiques on my work from artists of all other media, which has continued since leaving Tyler and is integral to everything I do.”

Tickets for the event are $15 for general admission.

For more about the Space Grant Showcase, visit and to learn more and Kim’s work visit her website

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