Tyler Students Organize a Community “Big Crit”

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All photos by Radhiah Nor, CST ’13

“The Big Crit,” presented by Temple University’s own Tyler Dean’s Student Advisory Committee, had its BIG night this past Friday November 2nd; and what a BIG success it was. Co-sponsored by F & N Gallery in Frankford and Utrecht-Philly, the event was an opportunity for Philadelphia student artists to have their work recognized to the public as well as for their art to be evaluated by their peers.

“By providing constructive criticism, these artists will be able to walk away with something they can use to learn from,“ said Neal Jordan, curator of F&N Gallery, “…to spike the evolution of their own work.”

Located in an artistic community, 2007 Frankford Avenue emulated continuous exciting energy throughout the night. Tables and walls were filled with a range of mediums brought in by 30 students and artists from the area. Schools represented were Tyler School of Art, PAFA, Moore College of Art, University of the Arts, and Drexel University. Though universities were featured, social media networks released word to other artists outside of those said schools. “I was actually totally shocked on the amount of responses I received through both the Facebook event and our Twitter page. “ Jordan explained.

Numbers labeled each work making the show a silent critique. Provided next to each work of art were cards printed with thought provoking questions that were to be answered anonymously by the public. The object was for the artists to gain valuable viewpoints that would strengthen their skills and expand on their views.

As part of the Critique, 10 works were chosen to stay up in F & N Gallery for the November show. The Artwork for the exhibit will be up until November 18.

For more information on this exhibit and others, follow F & N Gallery on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/FN-Gallery/135595724403

-submitted by Gabrielle Turgoose

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