Tyler Students Create Forum For Discussion Of Art

Students at Tyler are taught to open their minds to new ideas and to bring their creativity to life with their work. Sometimes, its productive to have a forum to discuss ideas and create a conversation about art.

That is exactly what juniors Olivia Menta and Larkin Dugan are doing with their discussion group, STOOP.

As described by their website, “STOOP is a discussion series held at the Tyler School of Art. Our interest is to build an interdisciplinary conversation on topics concerning contemporary art as a means to enrich the creative dialogue throughout Philadelphia. By approaching topics as a diverse collective we can explore subjects in greater depth and ultimately yield a much greater and diverse discussion.”

Under the advisement of professors Philip Glahn and Mark Shetabi, both Menta and Dugan work together to run the group and to create an area for discussion.

“I work together with Larkin to develop a prompt for discussion with our peers. Because I am a painting major and Larkin is a sculpture major, it creates an interesting dichotomy to develop questions,” Menta said.

STOOP meetings are held every few weeks on Thursday evenings.

“The next [meeting] will probably be in about a month,” Menta said.

For more information about STOOP and their upcoming events, visit http://stoopattyler.wordpress.com/

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