Tyler Graduate Co-Organizes Public Trust Exhibition

Being a part of New York City’s open collective, Flux Factory, has been beneficial to Douglas Paulson, BFA Sculpture 2003. This year, he co-organized the Public Trust exhibition for Flux Factory, where he will also be presenting a work-in-progress that will eventually be shown at the New York Public Library.

Public Trust opened on Sept 7 and will continue to have events throughout the month. The exhibition will examine the formal and informal relationships that cultural institutions have with their audiences. Ten artists and groups were commissioned to investigate this relationship, and in turn reveal hidden values in culture while forming new social relationships, as well as celebrating the crucial roles that exist in public institutions.

The events are made up of artworks that will be shown in Flux Factory’s gallery and actions held in public spaces. Such actions include Cassandra Thornton’s Physical Audit, where participants touch everything in a bank with their hands in order to collect dirt, or Matt Freedman and Jude Tallichet’s Le Grand Slam Guignol, which featured a live stream of the Women’s Finals of the US Open to represent the Tennis Court Oath that assisted in sparking the French Revolution.

From Sept 10 until the 30, Nathaniel Katz and Valentina Curandi will host The Pacifist Library, a traveling library made up of recycled and donated pacifist texts. Public Trust also featured a series of staged events from Sept 12 until the 16. These “action” events will be re-enactments of protests, beginning with Artists’ Union up to Occupy Museums.

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