Celebrity Cruises Glassmaking Scholarship Goes to 2012 Graduate

The Corning Museum of Glass awarded John Shoemaker, BFA Glass 2012, with a scholarship to further his education in glassmaking. The Celebrity Cruise Line works with the museum to hold an auction of the best pieces of glasswork made by the end of each cruise. The money from this auction then goes into the Celebrity Cruises Glassmaking Scholarship Fund.

With the scholarship, Shoemaker was able to take part in Benjamin Cobb’s class, From the Sketchbook to the Blowpipe. He was recommended to the class by one of his professors. The goal of the class, which takes place at The Studio of the Corning Museum, is to stay true to a drawing. This includes learning how to fix problems as they arise and improving their forms through repetition. The scholarship has given Shoemaker the chance to focus on his ideas and improve his drawings.

Shoemaker has also been able to take part in other activities as part of his class session. These include being able to meet with the GlassMarket buyer and going through the Museum with Bill Gudenrath, resident advisor of The Studio. Shoemaker also went on a guided tour of the Corning Incorporated headquarters building, which is not open to the public.

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