Alternative Knowledge Access

Working together to create an atmosphere for free expression and self knowledge.

Tyler Art students Elisa Mosley and Amy Borch, students in Professor Pepon Osario‘s Community Arts class, initiated a “community intervention” on the front lawn of Tyler School of Art during the Annual Student Show.  Made of reclaimed and salvaged material, the space was designed to, according to Mosley and Borch, “allow students, faculty, and community at large members to lead discussions and teach-ins on various topics.”  They noted that “Lately there have been many student organizations that have emerged from the Occupy Movement, but we don’t feel protests are enough to fully realize the potential people have when they come together to change things; especially education.”

During its time at Tyler, the temporary space hosted, among other things,

  • Buddhist Meditation with Professor Vishma Kunu
  • Schooled, a discussion about alternative art schools vs. traditional art schools, hosted by grad student Suzanne Seesman and Professor Philip Glahn
  • Potluck Student Organizing and Activism Workshop with students from Rutgers University
  • Break Dance and Hoop Jam hosted by the B-Boys
  • Jam Night with John Mann
  • Self-Defense class with Amanda Nardone
  • a Rust and Compost Printing Workshop with Sienna Martz
  • free painting sessions held by Elisa and Amy

It also served as an impromptu discussion space and hangout.  As the students noted, “If more places like this existed more people would feel accepted, more children would be able to nurture soul expanding curiosities and more people would be making art! ”

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about this project.  You can read more at

Congratulations on a great project, and on garnering the great press for Tyler!


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