Exciting News About Tyler Alumnus Dean Daderko

In light of his exciting new position, Daderko spoke to Robert Blackson, Director of Tyler’s Exhibition and Public Programs Department, about his curatorial philosophy. In conversation Daderko explained that it is complicated for him to “articulate the difference between [his] creative career and personal ethics” as he views the two as deeply interrelated. But, it is because of this meaningful relationship that he has gone into curatorial work. Such work, Daderko says, can be viewed as, “a way to ask questions in an intentionally public forum. It’s not about providing better answers, but about asking better questions.”

Since earning his BFA in Sculpture, Daderko has worked within the art  world in a variety of roles, and is perhaps best known for his curatorial work. In addition to Parlour Projects, his five year transformation of a spare room in his Williamsburg apartment into one of the most adventurous curatorial projects in New York, he has curated exhibits nationally and internationally for Vox Populi in Philadelphia, and in Argentina, Canada, and Lithuania. He is also credited with being one of the first curators to work with artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, the 2011 United States delegates at the Venice Biennale. Most recently, he has joined the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston as Curator (www.camh.org). His first show at CAMH is scheduled to open in May of 2012 and will address the presence of the readymade in contemporary artistic practice, and will attempt to recuperate some of the radicality of Duchamp’s initial gesture by showing work by artists who use the readymade’s simple materiality and economy of means to address a diversity of social, political, aesthetic and temporal issues.


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