New Class: “How to Build Anything…”

“How to Build Anything…”Fall 2011 – Sculpture’s Materials & Techniques:

“How to Build Anything…”

with Rob D’Amico

CRN: 6719

Meets Fridays 10:40am – 1:10pm, & 2:40-5:10pm


We will structure this course in a way that will maximize the group’s abilities and experiment with its potential. One segment of the class will be structured using the framework of a nonprofit board with the goal of holding a group show. The course will culminate with an off-campus exhibit that is themed, designed, installed and publicized by the class. Another large segment of the course will be dedicated to the group learning of basic construction & art handling skills, and have an emphasis on putting them to use as we learn. The remaining component of the course will be filled with individual students completing a project or a series of projects of their choosing; they will be encouraged to explore a process or technique that has been previously unfamiliar to them with the goal of learning something new. These independent investigations will demystify the process of acquiring new skills. For inspiration and added interest, we will also organize the screening of a 10 part documentary on the history of technology and invention.

Demos:  stud wall construction (metal & wood)  •  drywall installation & repair  •masonry fasteners  •  wiring a lamp/motor  •  pulling an electrical circuit  •  interior door installation  •  pedestal construction  •  wall mounting methods  •  crate construction  •  basic welding methods  •  …And more!

About the Instructor

This course will be taught by Rob D’Amico, a fabricator and sculptor living and working in Philadelphia. He has served on the board of FluxSpace, a nonprofit alternative exhibition space in North Phialdelphia. He is also the sight manager of a historic property in Fairmount Park. In addition to his individual practice, D’Amico contracts his services and expertise to many regional artists, manufacturers, designers, and architects.


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