Intro to Photography (ONLINE)

Interested in photography?  Can’t find the time in your busy schedule to take a class?


Intro to Photography (ONLINE)

GAD 2401 – Introduction to Photography (Online Digital Course)   CRN: 17581

A course offered to all Temple students by the Tyler School of Art. This introductory course in photography will give you a better understanding of your camera and camera functions. You will learn the basic science of photography, and how to manipulate it’s variables to make photographs that express that which you wish to share. This course is about looking: taking the time to determine what it is you are looking at, thinking about why you are looking at it, and different ways you can look at the same thing.

There are no pre-requisites or lab fees for this course, non-majors welcome. This course is an ONLINE course, there will be no studio, lab, or class time. Assignments must be completed by their due dates, may be completed at times that best fit your schedule.

(This course does NOT fulfill any GenEd requirements. It is a free elective.)


Photo by: Christopher Jenkins


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