Tyler School of Art Parents Council

Starting this Fall, we are establishing a new Parents Council for the Tyler School of Art.  The goal will be to provide a community of parents to act as a resource in support of recruiting, fundraising, and networking with outside organizations.

The Parents Council will actively collaborate with Tyler’s Administration and Faculty to help foster the broader school’s mission. Examples of the potential activities the Parents Council could get involved with include:

  • Participate in recruiting events as an advocate for Tyler
  • Be a local resource for prospective students
  • Establish additional scholarships and grants
  • Engage outside speakers from corporations and the art world
  • Develop connections between Tyler and organizations as potential sources of internships and job opportunities
  • Bring new ideas to the Administration and Faculty to further enrich individual departments, the Tyler Art school and the Temple community

If you are a parent of an incoming student, current student or recent graduate, and would like to participate in some capacity or learn more,  please either . . .

Sign up on Facebook under the group Tyler School of Art Parents Council


E-mail us at:  tylerparents@gmail.com  

More information will be sent out on activities and events as we get closer to the Fall.  We welcome everyone’s input and participation!!!

–Tyler School of Art Parents Council


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