Tyler Architecture Prof Wins Warming Hut Competition

Bob Trempe Warming Hut Design

Robert Trempe, Assistant Professor of Architecture, recently went to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to construct his winning warming hut design for the annual warming hut competition.  His was one of three designs selected for this year’s competition.  Additionally, Patkau Architects of Vancouver BC and the students of The University of Manitoba were invited to submit designs, for a total of five new huts this year. The huts will be placed on the river trail once the waterway freezes over, and will serve as resting places for skaters along the waterway.

His design, “Under the Covers,” was built with wood and lined with Astroturf, and is designed to look like a pinch of fabric on the flat snowy surface alongside the trail.

Over 130 warming hut designs were considered and narrowed down by a jury of Manitoba architects.  “That’s the beauty of this project — you get a number of strange and beautiful designs from all over the world, all with a different story to tell,” offered Peter Hargraves, who oversaw the selection process. “Just adding to the experience is that the trail might take a different form, as well.”

The five new huts will be joined by the five huts from last winter, but high water levels and a high current in the Red and Assiniboine rivers have increased the probability of frazil ice forming on the waterways, injecting some uncertainty into their locations along the river trail.

You can see a video of Bob discussing the construction of his hut on site on the contest website.  His portion starts at approximately the 6:45 mark in the video.


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