Tyler Alumna Organizes Performance Show

Diaristic Indulgences

Can the public accept the female body beyond private erotic fantasy? The exhibition title, Diaristic Indulgences (taken from a line in Carolee Schneemann’s Interior Scroll and Kitch’s Last Meal), refers to the exploration of the discomfort in the physical reality of the body that permeates everyday life.  The artists participating in Diaristic Indulgences find inspiration in the works of Judy Chicago, Valie Export, Carolee Schneemann, Cindy Sherman, Martha Rosler, Lynda Bengalis, Ana Mendieta, Karen Finley, and Marina Abramovic and explore notions of femininity, voyeurism, sexuality, and gender. The artists in this show expand on the path paved for them and reconsider today’s deep-rooted understandings of the physical body in relationship to the social body.

Curated by Tyler Alumna Angela Washko. Participating Artists: Hannah Heilmann, Ann Hirsch, Georges Negri, Sunita Prasad, Nathaniel Sullivan, Alison Ward, Angela Washko, Chester Zecca.  One night only:  Saturday, February 19, 7 PM at the Flux Factory, 39-31 29th St Long Island City, NY 11101

Accessible by subway:

Queensboro Plaza + 39 Av Beebe Av (N, W only)

To 7 Schedule To N ScheduleTo W Schedule

Queens Plaza

To E ScheduleTo R Schedule

21st St. Queens Bridge

To F Schedule

The Flux gallery is located on street level near several wheelchair-accessible subway stops.



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