Fellowship/Internship Opportunity

The Community Fellows program is designed to address compelling community needs in the areas of college access and success, while developing college students as active citizens.  Funded by AmeriCorps, the RCC Community Fellows of Pennsylvania will recruit 10 student volunteers to serve at-risk high school students in the RCC Upward Bound and Math Science Upward Bound Programs.

In exchange for serving 300 hours over the course of the fall 2010, spring 2011 and second summer 2011 semesters, Community Fellows will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award of $1,132. In addition to the AmeriCorps Education Award, Community Fellows will receive ongoing support and training from the Pennsylvania Campus Compact.  This internship will provide students with the opportunity to build their skills, while making a significant difference in the lives of high school students.  For those who perform exceptionally well, they will also have the opportunity for employment in the summer and beyond.

Email your resume to Michael Stokes at michael.stokes@temple.edu.  Priority interviews will begin Monday, September 13, 2010.  For more information or questions, contact Michael Stokes at 215-204-5544 or by email.


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