Foundation Student Supplies for Spring Classes

Hi All,
Hope you’ve enjoyed a restful winter break. I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about supplies for the spring semester. Here’s some information…
Drawing and 2D this semester focus on color. Each Drawing instructor will give you a list of supplies you need to purchase when your class meets for the first time the week of January 19. You may contact your teacher through Blackboard if you’ve got urgent questions.
In 2D, you’ll also be doing extensive work in color. There is one special thing you must get, and I recommend you buy it at the Temple bookstore. There’s a kit we’ve assembled of six colors of gouache (an opaque form of watercolor paint) that is necessary for all sections of 2D. It costs about $40. You can pick it up when you return to school, but all classes are supposed to use it.
In 2D, you’ll build on a lot of the things you did last semester, this time in color. A good deal of work will involve ‘found’ color, or collage. You might want to get a few different forms of adhesives (glue sticks, Sobo glue, YES! Paste, and Studio Tac) to experiment with in you sketchbooks and projects.
In 3D, you’ll take whatever course you didn’t take in fall. The basic supply list for all freshmen classes is posted elsewhere on the student life blog. Don’t hesitate to email if there’s anything we can do for you.

Again, hope you’ve had a good break and look forward to seeing you at the first Foundation lecture on Tuesday, January 19, at 10:30. Enjoy the rest of your break!
Gerard Brown
Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Foundation


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