Spring Registration Experience by Brianne Foschini

Untitled-5Today was the first day of registration for spring  for undergraduate freshmen students who have not yet accquired credits for Art Heritage classes. I knew I was going to have to wake up early this morning so I stayed up late last night thinking it would be easier to wake up early in the morning, but I was terribly wrong. When I was able to revive around 8 Untitled-4a.m., I quickly got ready and walked over to the advising offices. As soon as I turned the corner, to  my surprise, there was a line of students waiting. I knew there would be some sort of line with, at the most, seven people. There were about twenty people already in line!  The line moved fast, probably because I had brought work to do. Many students were hoping to get into the 11 a.m. class. I overheard one boy saying he had even scheduled the rest of his classes around this 11 a.m. Art Heritage class, before knowing for sure if he was going to get into the class. When everything was all said and done, I was able to register for my Art Heritage class.


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