Art War News from Nicole Wilson

We have a table at Spring Fling from 11 to 4.  We will be selling pins for $2.  We will be selling two t-shirts.  We have a one color text shirt that says “Bring our horses home” that we will be selling for $4.  We will print this on any t-shirt for $2.  Our other t-shirt will be a three color print of the Tyler flag that we have been using for the pins.  That shirt will be order only.  Students will be able to pick them up the following week in the front lobby.  Those shirts will be $8 a piece or $6 if a t-shirt is brought to us.  All the proceeds are going to covering our costs for the events and we make absolutely no profit.

We also are going to be holding a Round Table discussion this Saturday, April 18 at 1 pm.  We have invited all of the schools to send two ambassadors to participate in a discussion about the “terms of war”.  We will have a live feed and we will be broadcasting the discussion for any Tyler, PAFA, UArts, or Moore students who wish to watch it.

We are planning on having some sort of Iron Artist competition and possibly a “Social” for all of the schools in a neutral location the first weekend in May.

We are always looking for any student help, input, and ideas.  We welcome any visual exploit and conversation.  We are hopeful that Tyler students and the students from the other art schools can participate in a dialogue and begin to support one another.  We are also hopeful that Tyler students, in turn, are doing the same for one another. 

If any students have any questions or concerns about what we are up to or would like to get involved, please contact me at


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