Faculty News from the Temple Times

Tyler professor’s work adorns Walnut Street window
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CONTACT: Kim Fischer 215-204-7479

In honor of the Philadelphia Flower Show, Martha Madigan, professor and chair of the Photography Department at Tyler School of Art, created 20-foot-high murals from her “Botanical Portraits” series to adorn the Walnut Street windows of the Joan Shepp boutique.
The colossal “Botanical Portraits” are archival inkject images on silk made from solar photograms. According to Madigan, the direct solar photograms employ human scale plant forms as subject matter to express a powerful and vital energy. “The plants in this body of work are chosen for both their scale relationships and healing properties for the human condition,” she said.

The “Botanical Portraits” reflect Madigan’s wide use of media throughout photography’s history, from the earliest cyanotype process to the latest techniques in digital color photography. Bamboo, lilies and wildflowers are just some of the objects she explores with her camera. Her work is exhibited internationally, and is collected by museums such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago as well as private collectors.



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