A response from Moore Students


6 Responses to A response from Moore Students

  1. Tylerini says:

    That was kind of mean, I hope she was just kidding, This is supposed to be fun 🙂

  2. abbey says:

    this made me really happy i am at tyler and not at moore.

  3. molly says:

    i think this will be lots of fun. i just hope everyone stays chill about it.

    a happy tyler student.

  4. smayboy says:

    wow….nice hat.

  5. Papa Rambo says:

    After I saw this lame Moore video in response to Tyler’s Trojan Horse – I have to say, I am so glad my daughter went to Tyler rather than Moore. Come on Moore let’s see what clever idea you are going to come up with – maybe the cowgirl spanking the horse.

  6. MooreSenseofHumor says:

    What a creative response! How did this girl have time to make this awesome video with her rigorous Moore schedule? And how long did she spend putting together that outfit? If she is the one in charge of Moore’s war effort…. I’m already asleep and drooling.

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