Temple TUr door shuttle service

Temple University introduces a new “to your door” (TUr door) shuttle service, transporting students from Main Campus to their off-campus residences in surrounding neighborhoods.

TUr door shuttle services will operate from 5:30 p.m. to 6 a.m., departing from the transportation hub, located at 12th and Berks streets. The TUr door shuttle will provide direct service to your door within a set geographical area and: 

  • Will provide transportation to any students who live outside the OWLoop area.
  • Will extend current OWLoop transportation west beyond 15th Street to 20th Street and east beyond 9th Street to 5th Street.
  • Will also enhance service to areas south from Jefferson Street to Girard Avenue, and north from Diamond Street to Cumberland Street.

Buses will depart the transportation hub at least every half hour. Buses will not pick up students along route: all travelers must board at the transportation hub.

The OWLoop should be used by students who seek transportation on or near campus. OWLoop will run in a constant loop around campus from 5:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. This route will include all important points in the immediate vicinity of Main Campus from 9th Street to 16th Street, and Susquehanna south to Jefferson Street. OWLoop will stop near all university-sponsored facilities and residential halls. Depending on traffic and other conditions, shuttles will be at their stops approximately every 15 minutes during the hours of operation both fall and spring semesters.

A map showing the two shuttle services areas for OWLoop and TUr door can be found on the Facilities Management web site. For more information, call Facilities Management at 215-204-7377, or visit http://www.temple.edu/facilities/shuttles.html for a map and schedule.


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