Are you looking for an internship?

First off, know that there are two types–paid and unpaid.  While in a perfect world all internships would be paid, the reality in our current economy is that there are a lot more unpaid internships than paid internships.  There are specific federal rules that employers are supposed to follow to keep interns from just becoming “free labor” and taking paid jobs away from people.  If you are considering taking an unpaid internship, it will be good for you to at least read and know those rules so you can help keep yourself from being exploited.

US Department of Labor Internship Rules

Start Here:  Temple’s Career Center

Applying for an internship is just like applying for a job:  your resume, professional demeanor, and interview skills will be what lands you the best internship.  Temple’s Career Center offers a range of services to help you develop those skills.  They will help you develop your resume.  They offer workshops in professional dress and interview skills.  They perform mock interviews to help you overcome your interview jitters. Visit their helpful website for more information, or contact Tyler’s liaison for an appointment for a one-on-one session to help you clarify your goals and land the right internship for you:

Temple’s Career Center

Contact:  Ashley Jones
Career Coach, Career Center
220 Mitten Hall
Phone: 215-204-4938
Fax: 215-204-4462

The Career Center has a database of internships (as well as part-time, summer, and post-graduation jobs) for you.  The database is called OwlNetwork.  Here’s what you do to use this great resource:

Portal Access Instructions

1.       Login to Temple University Portal using your accessnet username and password
2.       Locate “Student Jobs and Internships” on the left navigation bar. You will see two options.  Select one:

  • Student Jobs @ Temple – will connect you to Temple University on campus jobs posted in iGreentree.  The Human Resources department manages this site.
  • Professional Internships and Jobs – will connect you to an overview of the Career Management System (Owlnetwork) and additional job search systems for specific majors

3.       Click “Proceed to Owlnetwork” to access your personal account.

Note: if you experience difficulty accessing the Owlnetwork system, please submit an online request for help and a Career Center representative will contact you directly.

Want Course Credit For Your Internship?

Each department has specific policies for internships, including what type of internship qualifies for credit.  Your first stop should be to discuss your internship possibilities with your faculty advisor.  He or she can discuss your options with you and go over what you want to gain from an internship to help guide you to the best internship for you.  For some departments, only paid internships will count for credit.

In most departments you will register for a Field Internship in [Dept].  In a few departments you might register for something else; check with your faculty advisor or area head if you have questions.  Then you will need to stop by the Academic Advising Suite (212) to pick up an Independent Study form.  Fill that out and have your Independent Study Professor AND Area Head (that may be the same person) sign the form, and return it to one of the advisers in the Advising Suite to receive credit for your internship.  You should plan ahead and do this BEFORE you start your internship in order to receive credit!

Need More Advice?

WetFeet has a great page of information about finding an internship.

General Internship Listings

Campus Philly Jobs & Internship database (local Phildadelphia internships)

Creative HotList  (search for internship)

USA Interns (don’t want Philadelphia?  You can change your location!)

Local Internship Programs

Art in City Hall

Fabric Workshop

Mural Arts

Philadelphia Arts & Business Council

Philadelphia Mayor’s Internships

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie/Free People


National Internship Opportunities

Art Institute of Chicago

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Boston & the Berkshires)

Museum of Modern Art (NYC)

National Gallery (DC)

Smithsonian Institution (this page lists all internships at all Smithsonian locations; most are in DC or NYC)

Want to work somewhere else?  Most larger art museums have formal academic year or summer internship programs.  If you want to go to a different city for the summer, do a Google search with the name of the city, the word museum, and the word internship.  You’ll probably get something interesting back.  For example, if you want to spend the summer in Indianapolis, a search for Indianapolis museum internship would yield this helpful page:
Internship Programs at IMA

One Response to Internships

  1. Alan B. says:

    Two other really good sites when looking for internships or full-time art positions:

    The Society for Publication Design’s JobBoard

    New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) – Job Board

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